chirps from the nest


January 2013

- Did you all know we will have a new cat at camp? His name is “Chat ‘Noir” or “Black Cat” in French. We call him Chat Cat or Fat Cat since he’s gone from being a skinny stray cat to an enormous, beautiful and very sweet cat. You’ll find him with Virginia and Hunny, the dogs. He loves to rub up against them. He thinks he’s one of them!
- We are only having a few winter parties this year because people are just so busy. Margaret and Drake are visiting various cities to visit with prospects. Let us know if you have a friend we should meet. Also, if you have not signed up yet for 2013, you need to do so now. Camp is filling up!
- “Miss” Peggy, for whom Camp Fern was founded (Margaret & Dr. Bill’s mom), is being honored in the first class of “Texas Camping Legends” at the Association of Independent Camps, a part of American Camping Association, a national organization. This is a huge honor! This took place in Dallas on Feb-ruary 12.
- Last of all, make sure you thank your parents every day for all they do for you as well as for send-ing you to camp.
Know we miss you and can’t wait to see you this summer under the tall pines!


October 2012

As soon as our campers leave camp, we begin planning for next year; that is, after we sleep a long time!  If you’re a girl, it’s also nice to take a long, soaking bath.  And visit grandchildren.  If  you’re like Cody, you take a grueling bike ride for a week.  Now, we are already hiring counselors for next summer and improving certain events to make them different and more fun.  More later on that!
As fun as this is, it’s awfully quiet here.  The deer walk through the middle of camp like it’s their session.  There was even a spider who dropped down from the ceiling in Eagles’ Nest, suspended by a silken strand, hanging about eye level between Cody and Margaret.  It’s a fun time of year to enjoy nature.
At the same time, we miss our friends and want to know what everyone (campers, staff, alumni) who aren’t here now are doing.  We’d love it if you would email us at – or tell us on our Camp Fern facebook page.
We’d also like to know what you want to see on You Tube from Camp Fern.  We have a lot posted already. 
So let us hear from you.  We care about you all year long, not just in the summer.
Much love,   Margaret