What it takes... to be a camp fern counselor

It takes special people to be counselors at Camp Fern. Counselors are hired for their patience, optimism, physical skills and creativity. They teach not only activities, but pride, self-confidence, independence, and sportsmanship in and out of the cabin.


The applicant must be at least 18 years old and have completed at least one semester of college* (or equivalent work experience) before the summer session begin.

*We prefer our applicants to have experienced one year of higher education or work experience out of high school, but are willing to consider applicants that are 18 years of age.


A Camp Fern Counselor must:

* Supervise groups of 8-10 campers seven days a week in a wilderness environment, (We live in un air-conditioned log cabins), and possess the ability to carry out camp programs over a 16 hour day, outdoors in the Texas summer climate.


* Maintain a positive attitude while providing a safe and fun atmosphere for campers.


* Ability to provide a high level of verbal and written communication with supervisors and camp parents.


* Actively teach or co-teach five, one hour classes per day in one of our areas of instruction.


* Must be physically able to be outdoors in the Texas heat all day and move around in a wilderness area quickly and easily.


* Must be able to perform moderate amounts of physical labor as needed, such as carrying , lifting, and moving objects up to 50lbs during camp programs.


* Must work each day to carry out Camp Ferns Mission to enrich the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social lives of campers by providing summers of fun, friendship, exploration, and growth.


And last but not least you must be able to:


Step out of your box, let go, and have fun!