About Camp Fern

why camp fern

Owned and operated by the same family for 80 years we are currently enjoying our 4th generation of campers. We are proud of our small family atmosphere where each child is known individually.


By limiting the number of campers each session to 150, we are able to provide the personal family atmosphere that is so important for each camper to succeed.  Older campers mentor younger ones, growing the sense of belonging and family.  Relationships are formed among all ages making connections that can last a lifetime. Camp Fern encourages each child to reach their full potential through constant encouragement, friendship, fun, and faith.


A healthy self esteem is the foundation for a child's well-being and a critical factor in success as an adult.  At Camp Fern we want to make every child feel valuable.  We strive to build self-esteem by fostering independence and success. This is accomplished through activities that offer a challenge and promote growth while being fun.


We live in a time when building a strong moral character in children in challenging.  Camp Fern provides an atmosphere where children learn to respect others, have integrity and exhibit self-control.  We seek out and hire counselors that exhibit this kind of character and those that set a good example through their actions.


No Camp Fern camper can forget the lullaby of crickets and frogs he fell asleep to after Taps, nor the glimpse of a great blue heron in a quiet vigil above the waters of a misty lake. The bream, catfish, and trophy-sized largemouth Florida bass lurking in their underwater lairs are a thrill to any fisherman. The retreating mask of a foraging raccoon is a delight to any young naturalist.  Lying down beneath a star-studded sky, one learns constellations and is awed by all the shooting stars.

Camp Fern's 100 acres of flora and fauna make the camp a magical place for children. Armadillos and deer, butterflies and walking sticks, wild blackberries and waterlilies, and even the poison ivy patch or occasional unwitting king snake instill respect and love for nature in awestruck campers.


Founded on Christian principles, Camp Fern has a respect for all faiths. Camp Fern strives to reinforce the motto "God first, others second, I am third." A "Thought for the Day" is put on each table daily in the Dining Hall.

Aided by counselors, campers put on a Vesper service each evening which may include skits, songs, poems, stories, or prayers. Vespers always ends with the prayer "If I Have Wounded Any Souls Today," sung by all.

Through the years, this was Miss Peggy's time to add her own inspirational words or lead "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy." That role is now being carried on by daughter Margaret.

Sunday services are created by counselors and the director and stress reverence for our Lord and savior, love for each other and ourselves and respect for the natural world God has given us.

Uniquely Fern are parables told year after year, songs learned by heart, Sunday whites, and the wooded cross of the "Green Cathedral."


We want our campers to:


have FUN, be CREATIVE,  LEARN something new


Camp offers children chances to try challenging activities they've never done before, live with others they've never met before, and play in ways they've never played before in order to become people they've never been before.    Denver Post