Summer Camp Life At Camp Fern

We enjoy sharing news with you and currently publish our Camp Fern newsletter, our “Ferny Flyer” biannually. If you are a current camper family, you will have a copy mailed to you and can also access it through Bunk1. If you are not a current camper family, but are still interested in Camp Fern news, please reach out to us for more information!

Fall for us at Fern

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It’s a beautiful time of year! The air carries the scents of autumn and the leaves are beginning to change colors. The gentle “pitter patter” of rain on the roof brings joy to our hearts and nourishment to the plants and animals of Fern. The coolness of the breeze signals a shift in seasons, and as we embrace it, we reflect on a wonderful summer. As always, it was one for the record books! The wonderful camper families, staff, friends, and volunteers that joined us made it a spectacular season we will never forget!