CAMP FERN is definitely the place to Jump Into the Fun!  We have everything you need for a summer packed with FUN!  You can ride horses, water ski, climb the pamper pole, learn how to build a fire, or make something in crafts.  Whatever you like to do, chances are you will be able to do it here.  Click here for a list of all our activities.

Your day will be filled with lots of activities while nights are saved for special events.  You might be trying your hand at some carnival games or playing war games for tribe points, but you can bet the evenings will be packed with energy and fun.

Explore the camper area for all the info you need to know about camp and get ready for the FUN TO BEGIN! 

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Overnight Summer Camp Sessions

Camp Fern is a sleep away camp in East Texas that offers 2 and 4-week sessions (serving girls and boys separately) and a one-week coed session. Every session we offer has unique programming, and we aim to make it a special experience for each and every camper! The boys and girls summer camp sessions are primarily a 4-week session, but we’ve also included two 2-week sessions inside of the four week sessions to help accommodate the needs of our camp families. The coed session is 1 week in duration and helps introduce campers to our activities and programs. Regardless of session choice, we make it our goal to offer a unique, wholesome experience to every family we serve! Click Here to view the dates for each of these sessions.

At Camp Fern we value every camper and are committed to offering summer programs for children that will enrich the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social lives of each of our campers. We operate with a progressive program structure, which means campers have access to different programs at different sessions as they mature in age and skill. There are also differences in program from one session to the next, which means there will be some activities offered for our 4-week campers that will not be available for our 2-week and 1-week campers. All campers have access to our core activities, while each session has its own special events to look forward to! Click Here for a list of activities offered for the different sessions.


Cabin Placement At Our Sleepaway Camp

Campers are placed in cabins by the grade they just completed first and then by age. For families wishing to have their camper(s) placed differently, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to meet your needs!

Campers also get to put in bunk mate requests, which allow you to identify other people you’d like to be in your cabin! Please make these requests on your camper application and/or your camper permission form. We want to honor your cabin request, so if this is important to your child’s camp experience, please make sure to let us know! Requests for specific cabin placement will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

Nola is the cabin for the oldest campers on camp. They are known for their high levels of “Ferny-ness,” wacky outfits, and singing! They get to participate in camper and counselor activities, and even go through some training to prepare them to be counselors in the future! It’s a big deal to be invited to Nola, as it is a stepping stone to become an LIT (Leader In Training) the next summer! Our past campers often make fantastic staff, and we do our best to guide them along to not only see, but feel the true value that Fern has to offer!


Contact Your Child At Summer Camp

We know it’s important for you to know what is going on in the world of Fern, especially when it relates to your camper(s)! Please feel free to call us if you need to discuss something relating to your child.

Camp Fern is an “unplugged” environment. This means we do our best to “unplug” from our technology and plug in to nature, friends around us, and the wonderful atmosphere at camp! Despite being a technology free campus, there are still handy ways you can get in touch with us, your camper’s counselors, and even the program directors for questions, concerns, or compliments!

Please feel free to call us!
We will pass along your question to your camper’s counselors, who will respond to you at their earliest convenience! Campers are not allowed to use phones during their stay and do our best to channel communication from parents through emails, letters, and packages! If you feel you need to speak to a program director, we’re also available and will get back to you in a timely manner!

Send a one-way email through Bunk1.
Bunk1 is a great resource for our families, as it’s a great way to send your camper mail, stay up to date with our newsletters, daily uplink, and all the great photos we publish! Bunk1 sends us the previous day’s emails each morning at 3am. They are distributed each day at rest hour. Check out the next tab over to learn more about Bunk1!

Write your camper (or even their counselors) a letter!
Sending and receiving mail at camp adds to the experience for everyone! Camp is one of the few places where you still put thoughts on paper and send it off to someone you care about. We encourage our campers to write letters, so receiving them sometimes helps them understand the merits of the process.

Send a package!
Packages are a great way to help your camper celebrate their time at camp. We do have some helpful guidelines for best practices in this area, so please make sure to check out our package policy before mailing your goodies!



Bunk1 is a secure, easy to use, summer website service that lets you stay in touch with your camper in East Texas all summer through online photos, news and camper email.

During the spring, parents of incoming campers will be mailed a registration code and instructions for logging on and setting up a Bunk1 account. This will be included in the Arrival Packet mailed out in April. Once the account is created, the following services will be available:

  • Access to our daily uplink telling about activities going on at camp

  • Images uploaded daily

  • Ability to send Bunk Notes (one-way email) to your camper (there is a fee associated with these)

Click Here to Log In To Bunk1