Our Camp Counselor Policies 

Important Things That You Need To Know

We are so excited that you are applying as a counselor at Camp Fern this summer, and we want you to know some things that are expected of you prior to submitting your application. The Camp Fern summer is an experience you will remember forever, but it does take commitment on your part. We need to be at camp primarily for the children—to show them the best summer of their lives! We also need to strive to work well together, as staff members and as a team, to collectively implement summer camp programs that are truly impactful. Being effective is important, but we need to prioritize how we work with one another, so we can be considerate of each other throughout our time here. These rules are for the sake and safety of both counselors and campers and help ensure that everyone has a fantastic summer. All counselors will be expected to read and sign these policies before being hired. All counselors must abide by these policies for the duration of their contract at Camp Fern®.

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Alcohol: Counselors who are 21 or over are allowed to consume alcohol when “off duty,” but they must have a breath test registering 0.00% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) when coming back “on duty.” “Off-duty” employees under the influence (defined as having consumed alcohol) cannot participate in any camp programming, interact with any campers, L.I.T.s, or “on-duty” staff members. Counselors under the age of 21 are not allowed to consume or possess alcohol while under contract. Alcohol is prohibited on Camp Fern property, which includes staff vehicles residing on camp. Random alcohol tests will be performed at Camp Fern's discretion. Camp Fern reserves the right to test employees for alcohol consumption involved in any accident. This is a zero tolerance policy and violations will result in immediate dismissal.

Illegal Substances

Illegal Substances: Camp Fern has a zero tolerance policy for all staff who use or possess any illegal substance(s) at any time while under contract. Violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal. Camp Fern reserves the right to implement random drug tests at any time while under contract. Camp Fern reserves the right to drug test employees involved in any accident.


Tobacco: No matter what form; whether you dip, chew, smoke, or vape—if you use tobacco in any way, you can only consume it in one designated area on camp, provided you are of legal age in the state of Texas. The "ashtray," located behind the counselors’ cabin, is the only place on camp that tobacco products of any kind will be allowed. Storage of any tobacco products must be in your car or in the counselors’ cabin and/or ”ashtray” area, not in your cabin. The use of the "ashtray" is permitted during “off-duty” time only.

Media Policy

Media Policy: Camp Fern manages all photography, videography, and social media content. Counselors are not allowed to video, photograph, record, or post content involving Camp Fern unless asked to do so using Camp Fern equipment, policy, and procedures. All content is the property of Camp Fern and cannot be taken or used without written consent. Counselors who do not adhere to this policy will be required to remove any unsanctioned media from their electronic devices, manual devices, and/or social media accounts.

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices: Camp Fern operates as a “device free” environment, and requires its employees to embrace these principles. The policy addresses cell phones specifically, but includes all communication devices that can receive Wi-Fi and can call, text, or email. We serve our campers and each other better when these devices are removed. Counselors are allowed to bring phones, but they must be kept in their counselor vehicle or in the counselors’ cabin; at no point are these devices allowed in cabins or activity areas. Counselors may not possess or use their communication devices when “on duty.” Cell phones are permitted for “off-duty” counselors only, and use is limited to the counselors’ cabin, counselor vehicles, or use off of camp premises. This use may not include camp programs or participants unless approved ahead of time. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a limitation or loss of counselor privileges. Camp Fern is not liable for any lost or damaged staff property.


Tattoos: We do not have a strict tattoo policy, but we do have guidelines to promote the healthiest experiences for our campers, their families, and our staff. It is not our goal to stifle the individual creativity or expression of our staff, as many great staff members have tattoos. It is, however, our wish to ensure that we model our actions and behavior to be in line with Camp Fern’s approach to honoring the values of our camper families. Our counselors are very strong role models to our children and need to be sensitive to this issue. If the content of any visible tattoo is questionable, we ask that you discuss it with the director(s) as soon as possible. The owner/director(s) reserve the right to address any issues with this policy.

Body Piercing

Body Piercing: We do not have a strict piercing policy, but we have guidelines and expectations to promote the healthiest experiences for our campers, their families, and our staff. The same general principles that direct our tattoo policy shape the policy on body piercing(s), although there are differences between each policy regarding restrictions. We take this into consideration alongside the facts that certain piercings/ring styles are potential safety hazards for the environment we work in. Any questions regarding piercings need to be addressed in the staff interview process. The owner/director(s) reserve the right to address any issues with this policy.


Appearance: For all staff, we require employees to adhere to a dress code and code of conduct that values modesty and is respectful and appropriate for the Camp Fern environment. The owner and director(s) reserve the right to address any issues with this policy. This applies to clothing, appearance, hygiene, and attitude for both male and female staff members. All clothing, including swimsuits, active wear, and footwear, must adhere to our policies regarding: content, adequate body coverage, activity requirements, and safety. Staff attitude, appearance, and hygiene must be in line with our mission of promoting safe, positive, and healthy experiences for both children and staff. All body hair lengths (for both males and females), styles, and coloring need to be kept neat and not interfere with counselor duties. Disputes will be handled by the director(s) and/or camp owner.