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Our Christian atmosphere provides a great foundation for our programs, as we encourage one another to put our faith into practice daily. Camp Fern encourages campers to respect nature, pursue new interests, and develop leadership skills and sportsmanlike conduct. Our goal is to help boys and girls grow in character and self-confidence — all while having fun!

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about camp fern in East texas

Summer Camp for Boys and Girls

Ages 6-16

Camp Fern is an overnight summer camp for children in East Texas with an enrollment limited to 150 campers per session. We really get to know all of our campers and consider them a part of our family! The summer consists of three separate sessions: Girls’ Camp, Coed Camp, and Boys’ Camp. The coed session is one week long and provides an exploratory camping experience, which really emphasizes fun and serves as an introduction to Camp Fern.

Both the Girls’ Camp and Boys’ Camp sessions are two or four weeks long and offer more advanced activities, special trips, and in-depth programs. Tribal (team) spirit and healthy competition play large roles at the two and four-week sessions.

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Thank you for an amazing summer!!!

We are thankful for the time we spent together!

  • 20 August 2019
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Thank you for an amazing summer!!!

Thank you to everyone for an amazing summer!!! We thoroughly enjoyed our time here at Camp Fern and feel God blessed us abundantly in the relationships we built, the skills we developed, and the fun we created!

As we move forward, please be patient as we get our website updated. If you're waiting on information regarding any upcoming program at Camp Fern, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're doing our best to get you the information you need in a timely way and appreciate your patience in this process!


Take Care,

Your Ferny Family

Camp Fern Summer Camp Staff Opportunities

Apply Today!

  • 8 January 2019
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Camp Fern Summer Camp Staff Opportunities

Are you a college student or high school graduate looking for a meaningful way to spend part of your summer? If not, perhaps you know one!

Camp Fern, a #summercamp in Marshall, Texas, has open positions you to serve in this summer! Our spots are filling up, so if you're interested in applying, head on over to…/fo…/application/staff/App and get yours in today!

If you're looking for an amazing opportunity that will not only shape you, but allow you to help shape the lives of those around you, check us out!!!

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Camp Fern has a way of
making you believe in yourself

“Camp Fern has a way of making you believe in yourself. It helps you achieve the highest goals never thought possible in the minds of our children."
- Lisa Ledoux Locke, Beaumont, TX

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Set amidst the rolling hills and tall pines, on a private lake in East Texas, Camp Fern is a residential summer camp for children ages 6 to 16. Founded on Christian beliefs, Camp Fern embraces God's gifts, grace, and love and values the importance of putting our faith into practice. Camp Fern strives to enrich the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social lives of all its campers.

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